Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Asperger’s | ASD: Hyperfocus

Asperger’s | ASD | Diagnosed at 9

Focusedetermind: I build, create, solve problems and conjure-up non-stop, the hours slip away. I take massive amounts of pleasure in coding. I am not frustrated. I am not stressed out. I am Hyperfocused.

Ever since I was very young, family members would turn on the lights for me when I was in my super-creative mode. You see, I’d begin drawing or writing from sunrise to sunset. Or they would have to tell me to ease off/stop ‘cause I would just create away with no care at all about the hours going by.

It was in the 4th grade of elementary school that my teacher realized that there was something totally “wrong” with me. I was was seen-examined by a doctor, specialist, and the rest is a haze. I was set aside and taught certain school activities with another teacher. I had a special tutor and watched countless videos of individuals with Asperger’s-autism (I remember one video about this man named Mel and how he lived his life with autism). I found it very amusing, relatable and amazing. I distinctly remember distant talking about: “difficulties later in life—adult.”

[⭐️] Almost a decade ago, while working on a protect with hired help, I was told by this outgoing, laidback and extroverted assistant (we’ll call him, Hotblack Desiato) that I reminded him a lot of his brother, “Zaphod”, who I would later come to find out was autistic. I thought that was the most Coolest thing ever. I took that as a compliment and reassurance that I’m on the Right Path.

Interestingly enough, I had the chance to work with Hotblack Desiato’s brother, “Zaphod”: Quiet, introverted, calm, diligent, clever, very pensive and a tad bit eccentric. We got along Great. I mostly initiated conversation. I have my moments where I’m In My Own World: Razor-sharp focus on the task at hand and supremely introverted for days on end or just outright nutty. None of the brothers lasted. Hotblack Desiato quit after just a month and “Zaphod” lasted almost two weeks. It was an interesting and most enjoyable experience. [⭐️] 

To this very day, my Hyperfocus naturally gets activated when I’m about to create something I know will be amazingly creative and rigorous. Its my works of Pop art, Neologic Spasm, Video art and HyperModern fiction that I create while in my Hyperfocus zone. The methods and steps I use to conjure up these works of art would drive most people to dreadful boredom or exquisite insanity. I totally and utterly immersed myself in these specific works of art. Oh yes, when I paint, I don’t just work on one piece, I tend to work on 5-6 works simultaneously. I guess it doesn’t help much that my mind has Always been Exploding with Ideas. Most times I have to force myself to take breaks from Creating & Conjuring Up at all.

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