Monday, June 24, 2013

Focused, Determined + Brainstorming @ 170 BPM

Greetings, Hello & Hola!

I've been super-busy creating: music, art, 'designing', compiling an art book featuring 2012 & 2013 art, & reading 5 books at the same time - I'm a poly-reader. 

I posted my contact information above so you can contact me about anything Pescoran Art related (paintings, drawings, designs, video-art, music, art books, art prints, etc.) or if you wanna just say, "Hello!"


I've come to the realization and acceptance that I am a multimedia artist. I absolutely love and cannot stop creating, and totally immerse myself in using available tools & technology to express myself. 

When creating art, never limit yourself and always use whatever tools you can to bring your vision to life. It is always good to 'branch out' and teach yourself to use different mediums in order to take your art to new and different horizons.