NEOLOGIC SPASM is an art project. It is an extension, a direct result from creating non-stop Surreal Pop Art. For about two years I've been wanting to produce music, but was not given that extra boost until I delved into making Surreal Pop Art. The art I was producing could not be contained in a two-dimensional setting: something more dynamic was needed in order to bring this new art series to life. 

Download Music: NEOLOGIC SPASM


Download: REAN!MATOR EP | Sampler (2013) 

Download: Graffiti Mechanica (2013)

Download: Dreams Restored EP (2013)

Download: MEGASTRUCTURE: remixes, rarities + reconstructions (2014)

Download: RAW DATA (2015)

Download: Endorphin Database (2020)

Deprogrammed + Defragmented | Remix Album


Download: MECHA Experience
8-track Single | 2013

Download: Legion Configuration
7-track Single | 2013

Download: Surreal MANGA Pop
4-track Single | 2013

Download: Endorphin Blitz
6-track Single | 2014

Download: Amplified Dreams
7-track Single | 2015

Video Art Music:

Download: Mind's Eye Path: Original Video Art Sound Collage
6-track OST | 2013

Download: Dead Time Configuration: Soundtrack
3-track OST | 2015

Download Music: NEOLOGIC SPASM