Wednesday, May 9, 2012

HellaPigeons Community Arts Festival: Pescoran Mask

My Super Surreal Pop Art Mask will be on display at Hellapigeons Community Arts Festival. I had so much, too much fun creating it. It inspired me to create even more artwork! Come join Hellapigeons Community Arts Festival!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Surreal Pop Art Wallpaper

I was going to explanation on how much fun it was to put these wallpaper pieces together, but from the look of this wallpaper promo, it's quite apparent that there really isn't a real need to convince you to download all of these super-surreal pop-art wallpapers. Yeah, I really can't stop looking at them!

A lot of the art featured in these wallpapers come from paintings (acrylic & oil) and drawings I created throughout the last couple of years, and some I created at the beginning of the year. Some of the artwork displayed in these wallpapers can be purchased either as original painting, drawing or as an art print.