Thursday, February 2, 2023

Quechua for All 📚 Book News

Jaku Ripuna!Let’s Go! | ¡Vámonos!

LiFE: Random, Chaotic, Silly, Lovely, Sober, Buzzed, Focused, Lucid, Today, Tomorrow, Forever, Never, Sometimes, Always, Pisco, Chicha, Whenever, Dreamy, Nightmarish, Here, Now, Jaku Ripuna!

Quechua book 2 is nearly complete. There’s still a wee bit of creating, conjuring up, remixing, arranging and rearranging that must be done. 

This book is what I originally planned on unleashing some years ago, but decided not to because I thought it would be better to take easy, careful steps first.

Once the basics of Runasimi: Quechua book 1 were built on a solid foundation, then we could proceed with phrases and sentences.

Focused | Hardwired | Determined