Thursday, March 26, 2015

RAW DATA + Bonus Album Artwork

Neologic Spasm: RAW DATA

Bonus Album Art
RAW DATA / Bonus Album Cover Art

RAW DATA / Bonus Album Back Cover Art

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RAW DATA (Original Album Artwork)

**** UPDATE**** 

Death + Remix: The Art of Reconstruction 4-Part Art Series
is still in the making and hopefully will be available (preview - work in progress) mid summer. 

I've been planning (brainstorming) a schedule on how I'm going to approach this massive 4-part art series. Abnormally, I would just dive right in and create away, but my surreal pop mind, these days, prefers some kind of order and need to put things into perspective. 

After taking a much needed break from creating non-stop, Death + Remix is exactly what I need to get me in super-focused, manically creative + dangerously imaginative mode.

 Surreal Pop Spasm: An Art Book (2016)


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Monday, March 23, 2015

RAW DATA : New Album Available for Download

The new album by Neologic Spasm

RAW DATA is the new rhythmic gear-grinding, totally unpolished and mechanically pulsating album by Neologic Spasm.
RAW DATA continues Neologic Spasm's immersion into drum and bass, and spirals into abstract and experimental landscapes.


Also available: Endorphin Blitz (single) featuring 5 alternate, deprogrammed + abstract remixes for the song, "Endorphin Blitz". Track 1 taken from the album, "RAW DATA" >

Coming Soon: AMPLIFIED DREAMS (single) featuring 7-tracks filled with remixes, reconstructions + abstract versions.