Sunday, August 12, 2018

Kachina Doll: CHASING STAR • Nanga Sohu

Nanga Sohu

Lately, I've been immersing myself in learning even more words and phrases in Quechua - Runa Simi (I'm Peruvian-born in Lima, Peru). Loading up on all this knowledge has had an extraordinary effect on me wanting to delve further into honing in on my spiritual side, and with a thirst to learn more about Incas, Andes art and so much more! Learning about customs, rituals, and other traditions of indigenous people of the Americas (North & South America) has been an immensely wonderful experience: I’ve been reading too much and immersing myself in all that is spiritual and supernatural.

Since I was very young, and up until this very day, I've always been super-spiritual. I'm beyond convinced that I’ve been following a spiritual path. You see, unlike my brothers, I've never been Baptized and never attended Catholic school. Even with the absence of these "rites of passage", I've never felt as if I missed out on something remotely great, but rather, I've avoided being forced into something that I have a natural and strong aversion towards. Something deep inside (My Spirit & Subconscious) tells me perhaps these circumstances weren't just a coincidence or accidental, but something truly extraordinary in the making? 

Once I reached my mid to late twenties, I totally immersed myself in spending countless nights with friends, overindulgence of alcohol, and battling and enjoying narcolepsy. With all those ingredients mixed together, I was able to experience astral projection and one too many episodes of sleep paralysis. The ability of being wide awake when you should be asleep is such an amazingly fun experience (well, maybe I can do without the loud, buzzing, white noise that sometimes comes from experiencing sleep paralysis). Sleep paralysis sets in, your eyes are open, you know you should be sleeping soundly: your mind is set on sleep mode, but you are well aware that anything and everything is possible in this state of mind. That's just one example of my journey in dreamAWAKE land, I've had many different experiences while---I'm gonna quote the late, great Hunter S. Thompson (Raoul Duke)---"riding the crest of a high and beautiful wave" that is Sleep Paralysis.

A day before a very unfortunate event, a spirit visited me in a dream warning me of my cousins impending demise. As I awakened from the dream, the spirit, a very bright light, was at my bedside, and to this very day, I am not sure if it said: "Don't!" or "Stop!" Through out-of-body experience, I managed to aid a very sick person awaken from either a drug induced coma or severe illness. Earlier this year, I managed to help a woman by the name of "Clara", with whom I had a telepathic connection with. Together, with our "mind meld", we where able to get rid of a wicked entity that was haunting her. As we parted ways, I distinctly remember telling her: "Peace Be With You, Clara." 

I'm proud to say I no longer drink excessively in order to have fun, or feel the need to drink gallons of booze to create art, and I'm no longer experiencing narcolepsy anymore. It appears that word has been going around in the Spirit World that I'm the guy to go to in times of trouble. Usually, friends, family and even casual acquiescence always come to me for help, advice or just feel the need to share random but sensitive information with me.

With all that was said and done, I am immensely eager awaiting the arrival of my Kachina doll: Chasing Star! The beauty that these dolls are brimming with is awesomely overwhelming. By the end of the year, I'm going to have a very healthy collection of Kachina dolls (I already have two more on their way!). Within the span of two weeks, I have learned so many words and phrases in Quechua. I cannot begin to describe to you how extraordinary and satisfying it feels to load my mind, heart and soul with Quechua! Right now, one of my favorite words is ALLIN P'UNCHAY KACHUN! which means, "Have a nice day," and KHALI KAQ KACHUN! PROSIT! which means, "Cheers! Good health!"

Kachina - Chasing Star (Thompson)

Kachina - Chasing Star (Thompson)

Kachina - Chasing Star (Thompson)


I thought I'd share with you some 
Peruvian Inca art adorning my art studio:
Always Inspiring and Motivating me to stay Focused + Create Art.


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