Sunday, August 13, 2023

80s ☆ High Gear ☆


Quechua Book II is still in the works and it’s coming along somewhat nicely. It’s a beast of a project ‘cause there’s a WHOLE LOTTA translating and remixing to be done.

Quechua Book II is a wee bit more complicated than Book I ‘cause this time there’s phrases and sentences involved. Being equipped with loads of Perseverance + Imagination is very important when taking on a massive project involving various languages, and also, striving to make it an enjoyable experience for the reader.

Jaku Ripuna! | Come On! | ¡Vámonos!

The General Lee & K.I.T.T.

And now, for our feature presentation.

Rewind back to the early 80s, when I was a T.V. maniac, these two shows + cars: K.I.T.T (Knight Rider) & The General Lee (The Dukes of Hazzard) captivated and mesmerized me like no other 80s cartoon could. 

Both shows offered memorable, funny and great characters as well as music that has never stopped playing in my subconscious. My love for the Synth 🎹 and that infectious 🎸 Twang can be traced back to these two amazingly entertaining T.V. shows.

Oh yes, I still randomly watch both shows and they’re charming and immensely enjoyable.

• Knight Rider theme song by Stu Philips:

> Knight Rider Theme < 

• The Dukes of Hazzard theme song: “Good Ol’Boys” by Waylon Jennings: 

> The Dukes of Hazzard Theme < 

***The title of this post was inspired by The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion song: High Gear***

Thursday, August 3, 2023

The Twang Heard Around the Universe


Sometime back in my teens, early 90’s to be exact, I just had to get my hands on everything, anything Wax Trax! Records. There was some kind of magical quality to music & band’s associated with Wax Trax! 

I give major thanks to Uncle Al (Al/Alien/Alain/Alejandro) Jourgensen for his prolific and super-random output through the label—with extra super-special thanks to Jim Nash & Dannie Flesher. I gobbled up all the music and still enjoy it immensely to this very day. 

I like [Wax Trax! Records] because they’re full of Get-Up-and-Go!”***

Ministry • Front 242 • KMFDM • My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult • Chris Connelly • Rev Co & . . . 

Fast forward to present day, now in my 40’s, and it’s Sun Records illuminating my days and nights with pure Rockabilly (& Blues) glory. 

As far back as I can remember, I always had a thing for that certain TWANG in music. Especially when I really got into music, that certain TWANG would make me smile. I blame that amazing catchy The Dukes of Hazzard theme song, Goold Ol’ Boys, by the legend, Waylon Jennings. It’s been roaming my brain ever since I was a TV manic growing up in the 80’s.  I always found the TWANG familiar, cool and very, very  appealing: Depeche Mode: Personal Jesus, Alien Sex Fiend: I Walk The Line, PJ Harvey: 50 ft Queenie, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion: TWANG here & thereMisfits: American Nightmare, The Reverend Horton Heat: One Time for Me, Bob Dylan: Subterranean Homesick Blues, and it goes and on.

Elvis Presley • Johnny Cash • Carl Perkins • Jerry Lee Lewis • Roy Orbison • +Charlie Feathers+ & . . .

And take one extra step to this very day, and I’m enjoying Classic Country. It feels just right

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Judas Priest / Screaming for Vengeance / 1982

Who knows, by the time summer time comes to an end, I’ll probably switch gears and dive face forward into 80’s Metal 💿 Pop Metal?

KISS • Judas Priest • RATT • Dokken • Alice Cooper • Def Leppard • KIX • Queensrÿche • Van Halen, The Transformers Soundtrack & . . . 

Bob Dylan / Nashville Skyline / 1969

***The Jetsons: Elroy’s Pal (1962) Season 1, Episode 14.