Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Stimulate Your Mind • Cosmos • Stars Shine

Stimulate Your Mind • 

Do not let time & space limit your mind + imagination.
Sight - Seeing - ¿Quien Sabe? ~ Only You.
From something somewhere - banG! Yes.
I m a g i n e
Surreal Subconscious Dive :
Further DOWN/UP: ALL
E v e r y t h i n g
(I)nto The Cosmos
(S)olar Flare 
Absorb • Examine • Dig • Research
Cross Reference • Search
Question Everything
Always Keep An Active Mind
Copernicus : Kepler : Galileo : Newton
Stimulate Your Mind
Hubble • Einstein • Sagan • Hawking • Clarke  
Witten • Thorne • deGrasse Tyson • Greene • Kaku
Always Looking To The Stars

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Tai Chi Chuan • 太極拳

Currently super-focused on practicing, absorbing, and learning all about Tai Chi Chuan • 太極拳.

Later on I plan on immersing myself in Qigong • Chi Kung • 气功.

(New art, sculptures & giant paintings are still in the works.)