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Friday, March 17, 2023

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Runasimi Ta Yacha Kusani: 

I Am Learning Quechua

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🔘Educational Book | 136 Pages | 2020

🔘Learn Quechua in English or Español

🔘Whether you speak English or Spanish, with this book you now have the wonderful opportunity to learn Quechua.

🔘Quechua is a language that has been spoken in the Americas long before

Spanish or English were implemented.

🔘Quechua was the official language of the

Inca Empire

🔘With your curiosity & desire to learn

Quechua, you are doing your part in helping to preserve this beautiful language.

Thursday, February 2, 2023

Quechua for All 📚 Book News

Jaku Ripuna!Let’s Go! | ¡Vámonos!

LiFE: Random, Chaotic, Silly, Lovely, Sober, Buzzed, Focused, Lucid, Today, Tomorrow, Forever, Never, Sometimes, Always, Pisco, Chicha, Whenever, Dreamy, Nightmarish, Here, Now, Jaku Ripuna!

Quechua book 2 is nearly complete. There’s still a wee bit of creating, conjuring up, remixing, arranging and rearranging that must be done. 

This book is what I originally planned on unleashing some years ago, but decided not to because I thought it would be better to take easy, careful steps first.

Once the basics of Runasimi: Quechua book 1 were built on a solid foundation, then we could proceed with phrases and sentences.

Focused | Hardwired | Determined

Thursday, November 3, 2022

“Time Holds the Key to Everything.”

Project Quechua: NUNA Peoject

“Time Holds the Key to Everything”

Arrival - Weapon Opens Time

Interstellar - Tesseract

2001: A Space Odyssey

Jupiter & Beyond the Infinite

Friday, October 28, 2022

Russell Means • Language Lost

Project Quechua: NUNA Project 

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When we lose our language, we lose our essence. Who we are is our language.

Indigenous languages of the world really are living languages, they come from an oral tradition. We develop the brain so that we can remember everything about natural law, the natural universe, and everything within, and also, how to live. And it’s all in our languages.”

Russell Means, 2011 (Language Lost)

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

NUNA Project | EXTRADO 2

Project Quechua: NUNA Project 

Extrado in Latin 
means Give Away.

Quechua • Hopi • English • Español

Download & share photos.
They make excellent wallpaper.

Spirit: Quechua | Hopi

Water: Quechua | Hopi 

Moon: Quechua | Hopi 

Morning: Quechua | Hopi 

Monday, October 24, 2022

NUNA Project | EXTRADO 1

Project Quechua: NUNA Project 

Extrado in Latin 
means Give Away.

Some years ago I had a powerful desire to want to learn the Hopi | Hopílavayi language. Something deep inside me, somewhere in the labyrinth of my subconscious, there was a thirst to absorb all the Hopi language I could retain in my spirit.

My need to want to immerse myself in learning how to say basic, useful Hopi words most likely stems from my love and admiration of the Kachinas. Absolutely everything about the Kachinas illuminate my mind, heart and spirit. My Kachina dolls, along with Hopi Lightning Stick, never cease to inspire me, wether in my art or life in general.

So now, after all these years, I’m finally getting around to learning useful, basic Hopi words that I can hopefully utilize in my daily life. I’m taking careful steps now: easy, basic words and then, eventually, super-useful phrases. I’m aware of the different dialects and will decide which one to focus on when the time arrives.

Let’s go, I have some words I’d 
like share and give away to you…

Quechua • Hopi • English • Español

Feel free to download + share pictures.
They make excellent wallpaper, too.

Star: Quechua | Hopi

Sun: Quechua | Hopi

Rain: Quechua | Hopi 

Eagle: Quechua | Hopi