Saturday, February 3, 2024

🛑 HyperModern: 1OFF ⚠️


HyperModern: 1OFF Trilogy 

• FailSafe • 1OFF 
• Death Lite • 1OFF

A new HyperModern series has been in the making for almost a solid year now. Here’s the thing, it’s not something I’ve been rigorously working on nonstop. It’s kinda funny ‘cause when I create I get into this super-manic mode.

This trilogy is something I’ve been sculpting at my leisure. Whenever the need to write, which is quite rare, which is quite odd ‘cause I really love to write… I mean, when I get inspired to write I enjoy it too damn much… Alright. Listen. Let’s get back down to brass tacks here: whenever I got the urge to write is when these upcoming pieces have been constructed 

Originally, this work of HyperModern fiction was supposed to be a stand alone-a one-off, if you will, but of course with my Super-Surreal Pop Mind couldn't just conjure up just one piece of art. 

If you wanna experience my HyperModern art work follow this link:

⭐️ BONUS ⭐️ 

Favorite Sayings:

“Let’s get down to brass tacks here…”

“By hook or by crook…”

And, a personal favorite, 
one I’ve been using since
I was a wee lad in the 80’s: 

“Go On, GIT!”

Saturday, January 20, 2024

“Takin’ it off here, Boss!” 2

And now more Country Music T-Shirts…

Dolly Parton T- Shirts • I only own 3 😔

Hank Williams • T-Shirt

4 Johnny Cash Sun Records T-Shirts

Not enough Johnny Cash T-Shirts

Loretta Lynn • T-Shirt 

Marty Stuart • T-Shirt

George Strait • T-Shirt

I need more Clint Black T-Shirts

3 Alan Jackson T-Shirts are not enough 

Brad Paisley • 🔥 T-Shirts 🎸 

Brad Paisley • 🔥 T-Shirt 🎸 

Justin Moore & Cody Jinks • T-Shirts

Tim McGraw • T-Shirt

⭐️ I need a load of Dwight Yoakam T-Shirts. I mean, I really need to get a hold of and wear some very cool Dwight Yoakam T-Shirts. ⭐️

Country music has taken so many forms, and I've always contended that it does not matter if the casual listener falls in love with country music through Florida Georgia Line, Taylor Swift, Old Crow Medicine Show or whomever - just get in and start digging!”

—Marty Stuart

Thursday, January 4, 2024



The Art of Nausicaä 

Clive Barker’s Dark Worlds

• The Art of Nausicaä – Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (Studio Ghibli THE ART Series) - Hayao Miyazaki | Kazuyoshi Katayama

Clive Barker’s Dark Worlds: The Art & History of Clive Barker - Phil & Sarah Stokes

Mesmerizing & inspirational gifts.

Thank you!

Monday, January 1, 2024

How to: Stay Super-Focused

 "Conjure Up Promo Material"

Nicely Destroyed series • Promo 1

One effective way I learned to maintain momentum while working on a big art project is to Conjure Up as much Promo Material as you can. There's something motivating about hyping yourself up when you create promo designs. Say you have 1 of 10 paintings or poems or songs for an album or just about anything that's gonna be a rigorous project you have to complete. 

With just 1 or 2 creations done, you now have a feel, an idea where to spearhead your project. You can use those creations to promote, inspire and motivate you to look forward to getting to The Finish Line. Remix those promo designs as much as you want. Brainstorm: make GIFs, Videos or printout your promo designs to Focus Ahead.

Click to enlarge 

Learn how to design. If you don't know how, fake it until you make it: make the designing program work for you. Heck, l've even used my phone's Notepad to Conjure Up promo material for past projects.

By creating a super-promotional campaign, it forces you to totally make whatever project come to life, and make good on your promise that a certain deadline will most definitely be met.

Ultimately, the goal is to keep you highly motivated, far away from getting lost in procrastination, and focused on delivering your once tough project at a very specific time. This formula is especially great when you have absolutely no support or encouragement for your outrageously nutty work of art. Your promo designs will encourage you to stay on a fixed path. Create as much as you can and don’t stop ‘til you get enough!


 Always Remember:

     The trick is to make it fun For You

Neologic Spasm: Discography Promo 

Notepad Created Promo Design 

Pop Art All-Stars • Series Promo

Click to enlarge • Part 1

Click to enlarge • Part 2

Happy New Year 🥳

  Ain’t Nothin’ Like… 

¡Happy New Year!

Ain't nothin' like throwing a hula popper

Draggin' it across a spot a big 'un oughta be 

And ain't nothin' like having him for supper

With some good hush puppies 

and some sweet iced tea

-Brad PaisleyAin’t Nothin’ Like 

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Quechua Book II: NEWS

Quechua Book II

Quechua Book II is coming along nicely. I’m aiming for a January release. There’s still some remixing, fine tuning and other technical writing & designing things that need to be carefully taken care of.

JAKU RIPUNA: Quechua Beyond the Infinite will be a more in-depth book. Unlike the first Quechua book, which was super-basic intro to Quechua, Book II will feature super-useful sentences, handy words and helpful  phrases that will assist you on using in your day-to-day life. This is the book I originally wanted to create and release, but careful steps needed to be taken before getting to this phase:

• QUECHUA Book I: Fun & Enjoyable 
Numbers | Colors | Places | Nature
Book format: Big + Basic

• QUECHUA Book II: Super-Useful 
Useful Sentences | Q & A | Helpful Phrases 
Book format: Small + Travel Size

My number one goal is for you, the reader, to be able to incorporate Quechua sentences and phrases in your daily routine. Like the first Quechua Book, I aim to make it an enjoyable experience. Quechua Book II will be available on a handy, bite-size, travel size book. 

Thursday, October 5, 2023

“Takin’ it off here, Boss!”

Just Some Country Music T-Shirts


Waylon Jennings

• Merle Haggard 

• Dolly Parton 

• Alan Jackson

• Clint Black

• Johnny Cash 

I still have a whole bunch of other Country Music T-shirts, like, Marty Stuart, Loretta Lynn… I own multiple Dolly Parton shirts, various Johnny Cash, Alan Jackson & Brad Paisley t-shirts. I’ll share them with you those some other time.

Country music has taken so many forms, and I've always contended that it does not matter if the casual listener falls in love with country music through Florida Georgia Line, Taylor Swift, Old Crow Medicine Show or whomever - just get in and start digging!”

—Marty Stuart 

They're not for sale.

Hattori Hanzo | Kill Bill. Vol. 1 | 2003.