Saturday, January 12, 2013





I started out the year with a BANG! I've got so much I cannot wait to share: drawings, paintings, art prints, 'designs' and a full length album! Admiring and following in the steps of great artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Mark Kostabi, GOLDIE, and Ali Spagnola I too immerse myself in creating music. 

Instead of creating a work of video-art to compliment a current art series, this year I've decided that an album would be complimentary and suitable for this current artwork. I'm composing a drum and bass/Industrial/electro album to coincide with the new art series': Graffiti Sketch BOMBZ, REAN!MATOR & Surreal MANGA Pop

Sometime this month I'll share a lot more information on the album I'm working on (@JohnPESCORAN) - work in progress. Until everything is fried, cooked and ready to be served, I present you some promotional photos thanks to NEWTPHOTO!