Sunday, March 17, 2013

"THINK FAST" Surreal Pop Graffiti Sketch 2013


Here's a taste, sample and preview of things to come.
Drum and Bass + Graffiti Sketch + Surreal Pop 

RECAP: Usually, when I create art or focus on an art series, I always like to indulge in other art medium to expand whatever current art series I'm working on. Last couple of years I delved into making works of video-art to accompany and coincide with my artwork. You can see my video-art works here:

This year I've decided to create music to go with with new art series': Graffiti Sketch BOMBZ + REAN!MATOR & Surreal MANGA Pop. Making video-art to go with these works of art just didn't feel right. I felt the need to really express myself and make something that was, well...loud. And making drum and bass tunes is what I'm currently doing right now. For the past two years I was making piano-driven music just for fun, with no intention of releasing it. But with this new artwork I was inspired to create drum and bass tunes to go along with it and will most definitely release an album sometime soooon.

I was never one to limit myself and just be a painter. Although I really love painting I also immerse myself in drawing non-stop, too. As well as manically drawing I also indulge in 'designing' and so and so forth. Creating music is something I find quite challenging and very rewarding. Who knows, maybe next year I'm gonna focus on making monstrous statues or super-outrageous Happenings. If I have a disorder than it's my constant urge, need to create art.