Monday, August 26, 2013

New Video-Art: Mind's Eye Path

Mind's Eye Path (2013)
At the beginning of 2013 I immersed myself in making Graffiti Sketch Art. I had this urge to push this new art series into other mediums or boundaries. At first I wanted to create works of video-art to coincide with my Graffiti Sketch Art creations, but video-art did not seem to accompany Graffiti Sketch Art-at least in my wacky head: VIDEO-ART + Graffiti Sketch Art did not compliment one another so well. I mean, the energy in creating the two art forms was there... 

And so, I totally delved into producing music to expand my admiration for creating Graffiti. With the awesome energy I got from producing works of Graffiti, I was able to make a hybrid of drum and bass/industrial music that nicely complimented and expanded my admiration for Graffiti. The way I make works of art was about the same way I was able to construct music: There is no planning, there only that desire to conjure up magic.

Through my journey of making music, and deprogramming, reconstructing remixes of my songs-which I really love making-I guess that's my Warholian pop-art side shinning through, I was suddenly propelled into not only creating sound collages and soundscapes, but I was suddenly able to finally create a work of video-art

Creating a video art/short film feature is absolutely fun and nerve wrecking, but in a good way, you see. I don't create storyboards or plan anything out before hand, I just...create. Anytime I make a video feature, a piece of my sanity is heavily on the line. I DO NOT rest or stop to reflect when I construct these video-art features. I just let my subconscious lead the way while I manically create away. Afterwards, I am able to see why I did or created something a certain way.

Music featured in this video, as well as extra music + rare artwork, is available here ['Soundtrack']:

6-track album features New & Reconstructed Music
• 4 alternate versions of the video-art piece (WMV files)
• 5 printable album sleeve designs (300 dpi)
• 7 original art stills that were used in the video
• 4 1600 x 1200 desktop wallpaper designs