Wednesday, January 8, 2014

NEW Art, Art Book, Video-Art Feature & Music Coming Soon


I've been super-focused and busy working on lots of new stuff that will be unleashed in the coming weeks and months. I have so many visions in my head of new artwork that will be fleshed-out sometime soon. I've have new paintings, drawings and 'designs' that I will be working on very soon. This new art (series) will be a mixture of surreal-pop, graffiti and who knows what else.

I have not sketched-out or wrote notes on forthcoming art projects, yet. I really don't want to have a game plan any new artwork out 'cause I like working subconsciously and sporadically when it comes to visual art-fine art projects. I mean, I will make certain guidelines when it comes to organizing certain art series and promotional material, but when it comes to creating, I just let my mind, heart, and soul lead the way.

I've just released a remix album called: MEGASTRUCTURE: remixes, rarities + reconstructions. This new remix compilation album is fully loaded with rare songs, remixes, totally reconstructed versions of songs, previously unreleased music, individual song information, album sleeve gallery & much more!

 MEGASTRUCTURE is a super-compilation of all the music and releases that I've been making up until that point. I absolutely love remixing my music, and could not pass up the chance to remix songs I created for past releases. Unleashing MEGASTRUCTURE was a great way to end my super-focused year in making music. Oh, but it doesn't just end there, I do have some more new music I will be releasing in a few more months.

I'm currently working on a new video art feature. The title of this new project is called: DEAD TIME CONFIGURATION. Right now I'm in the post-production part of it.  I was hoping to be finish with this project late 2013, but I decided to take my time with this video-art feature. Usually, when I make a video-art program, it takes me about a whole day to draw, painting, design, assemble, compile, direct, edit and unleash it. 

I work super-frantically, not stressed-out, mind you, but super-focused and energized on a video-art project. But this time I've decided to take my time with it and just work on it whenever it felt right - which turned out to be every other day. DEAD TIME CONFIGURATION will be available hopefully this month or by next month for sure. And it will be longer than my other previous video art releases.

Sometime in the middle of last year I announced that I was going to release a new art book, but my immersion into making video-art programs and music really consumed me completely. So, sometime this new year I will release a jam packed art book with art, drawings, paintings, promo designs, album sleeve art, photography I took while working on my music project, video-art stills and loads of information.