Saturday, September 27, 2014

Neologic Spasm: RAW DATA + Video-Art: Dead Time Configuration


Usually, when I work on any kind of art form I tend to work in a fast, frantic, and yet, super-focused mode. 
Here's an excerpt from what I said back in January of 2014: "I work super-frantically, not stressed-out, mind you, but super-focused and energized on a video-art project. But this time I've decided to take my time with it and just work on it whenever it felt right - which turned out to be every other day."

I like to produce art within a short period of time-something, like, within a day I'll have a new video-art, painting, song, music, photography series completed, edited (or super-raw) and available for the universe to absorb.

But not this time.

These days I've been taking my time creating ART. It is most definitely a great change of pace for me. The video-art project, Dead Time Configuration and new music, RAW DATA have been created with ease at random times within the past months and year, but still letting my surreal subconscious third eye or soul lead the way: No Need For Footnotes, Guidelines, Plans or Sketches.




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