Sunday, February 5, 2017

Big Paintings + Surreal Pop Sculptures

Super-Size Paintings & Mixed-Media Sculptures

Large paintings and sculptures have been in the works for some time now.

As of late, I've been  regenerating my mind, meditating, and only brainstorming when in the right state of mind. Dreams have become much more than just intriguing, distant memories or somewhat insightful blurry visions. Now, I am able to feel the presence, the aura and illuminating souls of those who occupy and meet in my dreams. These are people I know and have known for so long now. Their essence, it seems, are imprinted onto my soul or we have been making contact. I am not sure which it is, the experience is pleasant.

I am not shocked nor amazed by these recent encounters and experiences–for I can see clearly it is only a natural step in the way my (subconscious) mind is expanding.

You see, I have experienced astral projection on a few occasions, thanks in part to narcolepsy brought upon by my desire to create non-stop.

I've been visited by an illuminating being warning me through dreaming of a major life altering event. As I awoke from my sleep, the luminous light disappeared while uttering the words: "Don't!" or "Stop!" 'Til this day I am not sure which word it said. It does not matter for the dream, the vision I was shone was a warning of things to come, and at the time, I could not recognize the people in the dream-vision until much later.

As I write this, the light above continues to flicker. It is best and time I get proper rest now. Taking some much needed rest from art and creating non-stop has worked wonders on my mind, body and soul.

Surreal Pop 2017 Art: Big Paintings + Lively Sculptures  

-John Pescoran