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The Inca Dynasty

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Inca Dynasty 1

Inca Dynasty 2

Inca Dynasty 3


Circa 1200-1572  

Lords of Cuzco

Manco Capac: Son of the Sun, mythical founder of the dynasty.

Sinchi Roca: Designed forehead fringe that detonated royalty.

Lloque Yupanqui: Threatened by other tribes coexisting in Cuzco valley, begot later in life.

Mayta Capac: Child prodigy, Hercules of Inca legend.

Capac Yupanqui: First to exact tribute from the tribes beyond Cuzco valley.

Inca Roca: Organized schools for boys of imperial class, first to use “Inca” as a noble tilte.

Yahuar Huacac: Kidnapped as a child, cemented relations with neighboring tribes by marriage.

Viracocha: Took name of lord creator, began conquest beyond Cuzco valley.

Emperors of Tahuantinsuyu, 

Four Quarters of the World

Pachacuti: First emperor, mighty conqueror, creator of the Inca Empire by conquest. 1438-1471

Tupac Inca: Second emperor, one of history’s farthest-ranging conqueror. 1471-1493

Huyna Capac: Third emperor, expanded empire northward, died of plague amid bad omens. 1493-1527

Huascar: Fourth emperor, overthrown by civil war, executed by Atahuallpa. 1527-1532

Atahuallpa: Captured and executed by Francisco Pizarro. 1532-1533

Incas after the 

Spanish Conquest 

Tupa Huallpa: Crowned by Spaniards, possibly poisoned. 1533-1533

Manco Inca: Crowned by Spaniards, rebelled in 1536, set up Inca jungle state. 1533-1545

Palullu Inca: Puppet Inca, rules Cuzco, commanded Indian troops supporting Spaniards. 1537-1549

Carlos Inca: Puppet Inca, rules Cuzco, married Spanish lady. 1549-1572

Sayri Tupa Inca: Succeeded Manco Inca as ruler of Inca jungle state. 1545-1558

Titu Cusi: Ruled in Inca jungle state, defied Spaniards. 1558-1571

Tupa Amaru: Captured in jungle, executed by Spanish viceroy. 1571-1572