Monday, January 1, 2024

How to: Stay Super-Focused

 "Conjure Up Promo Material"

Nicely Destroyed series • Promo 1

One effective way I learned to maintain momentum while working on a big art project is to Conjure Up as much Promo Material as you can. There's something motivating about hyping yourself up when you create promo designs. Say you have 1 of 10 paintings or poems or songs for an album or just about anything that's gonna be a rigorous project you have to complete. 

With just 1 or 2 creations done, you now have a feel, an idea where to spearhead your project. You can use those creations to promote, inspire and motivate you to look forward to getting to The Finish Line. Remix those promo designs as much as you want. Brainstorm: make GIFs, Videos or printout your promo designs to Focus Ahead.

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Learn how to design. If you don't know how, fake it until you make it: make the designing program work for you. Heck, l've even used my phone's Notepad to Conjure Up promo material for past projects.

By creating a super-promotional campaign, it forces you to totally make whatever project come to life, and make good on your promise that a certain deadline will most definitely be met.

Ultimately, the goal is to keep you highly motivated, far away from getting lost in procrastination, and focused on delivering your once tough project at a very specific time. This formula is especially great when you have absolutely no support or encouragement for your outrageously nutty work of art. Your promo designs will encourage you to stay on a fixed path. Create as much as you can and don’t stop ‘til you get enough!


 Always Remember:

     The trick is to make it fun For You

Neologic Spasm: Discography Promo 

Notepad Created Promo Design 

Pop Art All-Stars • Series Promo

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