Tuesday, June 2, 2020

KISS · POP ART · Statuettes

I admire and appreciate too many kinds of ART forms. My appreciation for ART spans from films, animations, short-films, music of all kinds, literature, screenplays, figures, video games, cultural artifacts, sacred objects and it goes on and on. ART is literally everywhere. 

With that, I will share with you these KISS collectible statuettes of each member by McFarlene Toys. Somehow, someway, in my POP ART brain, these KISS mini-bust represent POP ART

If given the opportunity to bring  these figures to life, I would most likely have sculpted them exactly how they're presented. They never cease to endlessly motivate and inspire me to create ART.

Paul Stanley (McFarlane Toys)

Gene Simmons (McFarlane Toys)

Ace Frehley (McFarlane Toys)

Peter Criss (McFarlane Toys)