Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Pop · KISS: Psycho Circus · Art

My immersion into POP ART can be traced back to one super-star artist, Andy Warhol, and a larger-than-life rock band, KISS. You see, KISS helps me to stay focused and determined on living and breathing POP ART.

I am without a doubt inspired by the many great pop artists that came before, but whenever I need a boost to create art, KISS does an excellent job getting me motivated and super-inspired. I don't know what it is, I listen and enjoy an abundance of musical genres, but for some reason I always return to KISS

And I Say, "Welcome To The Show"

KISS - Psycho Circus PC Game BOX
KISS - Psycho Circus SEGA Dreamcast Game

KISS - Psycho Circus PC Game

KISS - Psycho Circus CD Album
KISS - Psycho-Circus CD Single

KISS - We Are One CD Single