Monday, May 23, 2022

BOOM! Foreal Recordz 💿

BOOM! Foreal Recordz - Logo 0001

John Pescoran - Neologic Spasm Promo Photo 1

John Pescoran - Neologic Spasm Promo Photo 2

Neologic Spasm - Promo 000232

Neologic Spasm - Promo 000022

Neologic Spasm promo material galore! 
(Looking back before moving forward?)

A month or so ago I had random melodies pop in to my head. I quickly downloaded the TinyPiano app, got info on piano chords, replayed the tune that rattled my brain, opened a doc on my warned out super-cyberpunk laptop, saved the notes, and I guess we’ll see what’s to become of those interesting melodies.

And yes, “BOOM! Foreal” is a reference & homage to Jean-Michel Basquiat. Awesome.