Monday, May 23, 2022

How to: Brainstorm: Full Speed Ahead. 00:099.

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How to: BRAINSTORM: Full Speed Ahead 


One way I take a break from creating is by Switching GearsCreating Even More. You see, I don't just STOP conjuring up art, I continue creating, but I Switch It Up: work on another art project or art form that allows me to have fun. I take immense delight in immersing myself in my Manic Modes.

I have learned to conquer Writer's Block by writing even more. You don't just stop at a DEAD END, you go right thorough that damn wall. Don't burn yourself out, find any other (writing) project that will allow you to totally express yourself. If you’re working on a story and find yourself at a dead end or a cross roads, Switch Gears: write a whimsical poem, delve into writing a soul-enlightening song, or start working on a super-random short story.

Create: Brainstorm - Full Speed Ahead.

The trick is to Just Keep Going