Sunday, May 22, 2022

How to: Focused | Hardwired • 00:242.

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How to: Focused | Hardwired

(Promote • Promote • Promote) 


One effective way I learned to maintain momentum while working on a big art project is to Conjure Up as much Promotional Material as you can. There's something motivating about hyping yourself up when you create promo designs. 

Say you have 1 of 10 paintings or poems, stories or songs for an album or just about anything that's gonna be a rigorous project you have to complete. With just 1 or 2 creations done, you now have a feel, an idea where to spearhead your project.

You can use those creations to promote, inspire and motivate you to look forward to getting to The Finish Line. REMIX those promo designs as much as you want. Brainstorm: make GIFs, Videos or printout your promo designs to FOCUS AHEAD.

The trick is to make it fun for >YOU<.